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Nothing Beats Alchemy!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

I'm so pleased to be writing this on my brand new website, it's super pleasing to me to have a cyber home that l'm proud of :-) Thank you so very much Lidia from Visuable for creating this for me!

This blog post is my original 'about me' page l created for the website, but it was too long winded- whoops! So, waste not, want not l'm using it as a blog post.  As l write this l feel such appreciation for the fact that l have been able to turn all of my 'crap' into so much positivity.  When l work with clients, particularly children, and l see their eyes light up as l explain that l used to be very unhappy and now l live in joy, in those moments it is all worth it, and it all makes sense.  l have recently showcased one of my relaxation tracks on a popular app called Insight Timer and nearly 2,000 people have listened; my heart swells with joy when l see this because it is such a full circle experience.  All of that angst had a purpose, all along, l just couldn't see it back then.

If you are in the angst l hope l can be the messenger to let you know that there's a point to it, blessings hiding within, an alchemic experience available to you.  l write this in appreciation and love and with an open heart and a powerful desire to uplift.

Anyway, here's the original 'about me' piece. Hope it helps some of you :-)

l often say to my clients (the grown up ones anyway) ‘you’ve done the time’ and what l mean by this is they’ve usually spent a long time with their nose right in midst of the experience they don’t want.  And this was certainly the case for me.  I (now) consider myself truly blessed to have been born into a life that was fraught with anxiety, insecurity, and fear.  Let’s just say the first twenty or so years of my life were not pretty, and they certainly served me well in terms of getting to know what l don’t enjoy in life!

I bounced between being teased at school, experiencing a broken home when l was very small, then big time insecurities and social anxiety as well as bouts of depression and times of complete break down, all before l graduated university.  Over the years, l found myself in countless less than pleasant situations and if l think about it at times l’ve struggled with OCD, eating disorders, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions and the list goes on (not making any of this up, honest!)

What l now know is that for many years l was doing a really great job of all the wrong things, if you want to thrive and be happy that is.  So in that time, l tried pretty much all of the stuff available to get myself feeling better.

But a real turning point for me came in my twenties, when l was generally in a ‘pretty good place’ although still challenged with social anxiety.  I got an invite to a friend’s wedding and l really wanted to go.  But l couldn’t.  Now l don’t mean that l literally couldn’t.  I mean my social anxiety was so crippling that l couldn’t bear the stress and discomfort it would put me under.  And l was in a real pickle about this.  Having spent pretty much all my life struggling with wanting to do things and not feeling able l HAD HAD ENOUGH!  This was one (not the only) of my rock bottom moments.  And like all lows, it contained within it the magic to catapult me out of my quagmire.  Cut the story short l found a local hypnotherapist to help with my social anxiety, and l will always remember my first session with her.  It was truly life changing; l remember learning for the first time just how much of an impact our thoughts have and l really ‘got’ exactly what l had been unwittingly doing to myself all those years.  I also clearly understood what l needed to do.

As a result of this work l learnt an invaluable life lesson which is namely that our thoughts matter, big time.  And this began my real work, the work of starting to use my brain to my advantage.

This wonderful encounter led to my decision to retrain as a solution focused hypnotherapist; l had (and still have) and undeniable desire to use my negative experience for the advantage of others and me too- it’s not all selfless and about service- although you can’t separate the two!

Since then l have been working helping others to overcome anxiety and related challenges, continuing to develop my skillset and deepen and broaden my knowledge.  If you know me, you will know that l can’t get enough of all this self-development stuff!  It’s fair to say that l am passionate about feeling good, and helping others do so too!  Having spent so long in big time discomfort l really appreciate comfort and ease and relaxation and feel so blessed that l have been able to make this my life’s work.

The concept of Relax Me Happy was born out of my understanding that relaxation has a profound impact upon our wellbeing.  Just as moving your body is key for a healthy physical apparatus, quieting your mind is vital for wellbeing.  And many of us a don’t know this and b certainly aren’t doing it.  So l’m on a mission, to get people thriving!  Wanna join?  Please do?  It’s so easy and so much fun and brings so much more vitality and colour to your life!  I am living proof.  I have one of the craziest, obsessive, analytical minds out there and l have taken myself from a place of fear to joy.  What l know for sure is if l can do it, so can you.

I think we are on the brink of a revolution, a wellbeing revolution and it’s my intention to be right at the leading edge.