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Heart Versus Head!

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Heart Versus Head!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So there’s something l've been pondering a lot lately. And it’s the notion of ‘heart versus head’, or you could say ‘mind versus body’, ‘ego versus consciousness’ and so on….there are a number of different takes on the idea.

And the essence (l’ll try and boil it down if l can….) is that most of us spend a great deal of time ‘in our heads’ and caught up in ‘our story’, often without even realising it. A bit like being drunk but not aware that you’re drunk! Which means we miss out on the wisdom of our ‘bodies’ or instinct, higher self or consciousness. The idea is that ‘the mind’ or ego tends to come from a place of fear, unhelpful beliefs and an ancient story, whereas ‘the heart’ or the awareness that is truly you taps into your inner wisdom and comes from a place of (you guessed it) love!

This alll might sound weird to some and it isn’t a concept you can really wrap your mind around…but for me the point of this (and it’s a super useful one) is that when you are too ‘in your head’ you will tend to worry, be fear based in your thinking and often stuck. Whereas when you feel from your heart you feel more at peace, make smarter decisions, tap into infinite wisdom and life simply flows better for you.

Some will dismiss this as some kind of mumbo jumbo. Some will sense the wisdom and it will resonate. If you want to tap into this wisdom, your own inner wisdom my advice would be to begin to ask yourself often: how do l feel in my body? when making a decision. Or what does my heart have to say about this? With practice you will begin to notice that you can tune into your body/heart and start to gain from its wisdom. In time you will notice that your minds comments feel heavy, busy and scared, and that they weigh you down whereas the perspective of ‘your body’ feels expansive, light and alive. If you ponder an option that isn’t right you might notice your body feeling heavy or restricted, whereas an option that’s smart for you will leave your body feeling open, light and free.

Sound crazy?! It will do to your mind. If you were to attune to your body or your heart this ‘crazy’ stuff would resonate because that’s the part of you tuned into this.

So many of us look to others to be our gurus, endlessly asking advice, reading, following and listening. But for each of us the very best advice lies within and with practice you can attune to it and tune into it. But it does take a little time to get the hang of!

l’m going to focus upon listening to my heart more from now on and feeling into my body when l have a decision to make….and see where it leads me…

Wishing you well,

Zofie x

PS - Would love to hear your comments on this and what experience you have or any questions! It is something l'm keen to distill further and more clearly and will be meditating on how to do that in the upcoming weeks.