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About the Relax Me Happy Process of guided relaxation/meditation.

About the Relax Me Happy Process (guided relaxation/meditation) and Happiness Coaching.







If you’re suffering right now, I know for sure that your struggle contains magic within. 
And I’m here to help you find it.
— Zofie
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Today I feel truly blessed to have been born into a life of debilitating anxiety and insecurity (yes I really did just say that!)  It's fair to say the first twenty or so years of my life weren't pretty!  Back then I was doing an awesome job of thinking and doing all the wrong things, which led to me eventually hitting a rock bottom moment.  But, like all lows, this moment contained within it the magic to catapult me to success.


So I found myself a local hypnotherapist, and I've got to say, my first session was truly life changing.  I learned for the very first time that our thoughts matter, BIG TIME and just how that is so.  I loved it so much I decided to re-train.

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And since then it's been my mission to help others uncover the magic in their rock bottoms, to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, poor sleep and a whole bunch of other pretty sucky stuff.  I just can't get enough of this self-development stuff!

Relax Me Happy was born out of me getting to see time and again just how powerful the impact of downtime can be.  Quieting your mind is vital for your mental health and wellbeing.  Yet so many of us don't really know this, let alone do it.  And I'm on a mission to make this known and help people thrive, not just survive!

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It’s so easy and enjoyable and can bring way more vitality and colour to your life!  I'm living proof.  I have one of the craziest, most obsessive and analytical minds and I've taken myself from a place of fear to joy.  What I know for sure is if I can do it, so can you.

I think we're on the brink of a revolution, a wellbeing revolution.  And it’s my intention to be right at the leading edge of it.


Think not lightly of good, saying, 'It will not come to me.' Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise one, gathering it little by little, fills oneself with good.

- Dhammapada 9.122

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Zofie is so easy to talk to and uplifting. She doesn’t let me dwell on the negative and gracefully lets me know I’m dwelling and brings me into my joy. As well as being so light and funny, Zofie knows what she is talking about. Zofie, you are a true angel of joy and light.
— Paris