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Guided Relaxation/Meditation Downloads and Happiness Coaching in Bristol.

Relax Me Happy provides guided relaxation/meditation downloads to clients globally, and Happiness Coaching in Bristol. 




Happiness Coaching and Stress Management in Bristol. Guided Relaxation/Meditation Tracks to use on the go.



Meditation out and about

Hi there, I’m Zofie.  Founder of Relax Me Happy, and girl on a mission.  A mission to help you find your Zen in this busy world of ours!  

I create guided relaxation tracks to help you sneak a little 'me' time into your busy life. If your life often feels hard and you yearn to press pause and enjoy a few precious moments of calm,  these guided relaxation tracks have been produced for you, to give you your clarity back.

Zofie’s a revelation. It’s impossible to read anything she writes or hear anything she says and not feel clarity and inspiration to improve your own life.
— Harriet, PR Executive
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