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Unconditional Love

Membership Blog

Unconditional Love

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

I think one of the words I use most in my work, and maybe just my life, is LOVE…

And for me, when I think about love, I think about what I call true love, which is unconditional love.

Now, as I always say at my parenting workshops I would never put myself forward as the perfect parent, BUT I do think I get a few things right, and manage to use my wisdom to inform my parenting in some ways…and one of those ways is that I let my children know often that I will always love them, NO MATTER WHAT, because my love for them is TRUE love, it’s unconditional….

It’s not ‘I’ll love you so long as you do what I say’, it ain’t ‘I love you as long as you’re pleasing to me’, It isn’t ‘you need to look as I want you to look and I’ll shine affection on you'….Oh no, it’s ‘you’re free to be you, and while I might not like it sometimes, this doesn’t affect my LOVE for you.’

Because I know the power of this. When you begin with THIS as your starting point, your foundation, from here wonders will flow, miracles are possible and life goes good.

So, this month’s track focuses on drenching you in such a love! To help give you this powerful launch pad.

Along with listening, I suggest spending a little time pondering just what you’d do for yourself, and how you’d treat yourself if you loved yourself truly, without condition. I love the term ‘lean in’ and really all you need do is lean into this….you don’t need to do all of it, all the time, but simply be mindful of leaning into loving yourself minus conditions, a little more.

And hey, any ‘love’ other than this is bogus….true love allows freedom, it has no fear and so easily allows, lets be, it just loves and there’s nothing negative or stressful about this whatsoever!

With so much love (said it again!!),

Zofie x