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Membership Blog

Heal Your Inner Child

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Hey lovely one,

So, I’m not gonna BS you and pretend like I’m some kind of ‘inner child’ work expert (not even sure if they exist?? Answers on a postcard if you know 😂). BUT, what I do know, is any time I do any kind of ‘inner child’ work in meditation i can FEEL it, and it’s POWER-FUL. And I also know that shifts on a feeling level, changes in energy are WHERE-IT’S-AT.

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When It's Winter Time

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia


I’m so excited to share this track and post with you! I know so many of you get winter blues and so on, and of course it can be really tricky to navigate those difficult times in life when it feels like a kind of winter time in your experience- whatever the actual season.

One of my all time fave poems is Rudyard Kipling’s If, and I adore the line from it: “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same;” Oh man, talk about life goals!!! Seriously my friend, if you can lean into this then- BOOM!! You’re onto winning in life.

See, thing is, all the times, all the folks, all the situations and stuff, whether you deem them ‘good’ or bad’, they’re all FOR you, it can and will all serve you, if you let it. And this is the key, starting to get this and live from this space.

Sure, we’d all rather have the money in the bank versus the debts, the lover in the bed versus evenings alone scrolling through tinder, Armani versus Primarni and all that 😂. BUT, truth is, the unwanted simply funds and fuels the wanted. Just like the seasons, it all makes sense when you step back and perceive truly. You know how a glass of iced water can taste divine when your’e super thirsty, or a simple meal can blow your mind when you’re super hungry? Well, this is how it is with adversity in life, it sharpens your senses, grows your capacity to appreciate and enjoy- it SERVES YOU.

So, I’m NOT advocating hanging around in the sucky times long-term to grow yourself. What I AM suggesting is simply KNOW this, and the sucky times will suck less, and not last as long. You’ll get the gains from them that they’re designed to offer and leave you feeling like the winner in your life that you’re destined to be.

This month’s track will help stave off winter blues if you tend to get down at this time of year AND it will help tune you into your inner wisdom in terms of how to contend with the sucky stuff of life. I don’t know about you but I’ll be using it to help with my at least one of us will be benefitting 😂.

With so much love as always and a reminder that whatever you got going down right now, I promise you it IS for you, life IS loving you and it really WILL all be OK.

Zofie x

Slow RIGHT Down....

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

A little while ago this lovely notion of not only slowing down, but slowing RIGHT down, came to me…often when I meditate, or am in a particularly clear headspace I’ll get mantras, thoughts, or ideas come to me that I know hail from wisdom higher than mine alone, and this beautiful idea was one such thought.

You see our ego likes to play tricks on us, one of which is saying stuff in a very glib fashion like ‘yeah- I’ve got this!’ when it SO doesn’t. Or ‘I’ve slowed down’ when it has only slowed down a little, and definitely NOT enough…the thing is, fear/your ego doesn’t want you grow, so it will try and cover over the cracks, and stop you from really doing the work of developing yourself. It will say ‘I’ve already slowed down…’ for example, but when you lean into slowing RIGHT down…this kind of action goes beyond fear and ego and into a truly loving, super chill space…

One of my all-time fave questions to ask myself, and teach others is: ‘what does my soul think of this?’ because it taps you into your own inner wisdom, and of course one of the helpful aspects of your soul is it’s never in a rush…it has (and acts as if it has) all the time in the world…

And the more you separate yourself from this, the more you’ll experience stress in your life; whereas the more you align yourself here the calmer you’ll become.

Less haste, more speed is so steeped in wisdom. Slowing down not only feels good, but it benefits you A LOT. When you not only slow down, but slow RIGHT down, you send a powerful message…to your own brain and body, and also the universe too. You say stuff like ‘I hold the belief that all is well’, "‘I’m at peace with what is’, ‘I don’t believe anything is broken right here, right now.’ and so on….

And THIS is so powerful because when you’re sending out this kind of vibe, you’re not fighting what is, you’re in an innately positive place, and from here you’re super attractive to all the good stuff you desire…

The more you slow down, the more you chill. Then in turn, the more you align with your own soul and inner wisdom. And the more you do this the better your life feels and the better it goes. There’s just S0 -MUCH-POWER-IN-SLOWING-DOWN.

I’m excited for you to tap into the power of ease with a little more awareness and see where it takes you!

With so much love,

Zofie x

Going With The Flow....

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

One of my all time favourite quotes, that I've cited on many an occasion is from Einstein and it goes:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile a universe.”

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What Would Your Soul Say?!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

You may or may not know that I LOVE me a question!  Ever since I was small I've kinda been obsessed with asking 'why?', and trying to figure stuff out...and this absolutely, positively carries across into my work.  And the reason I love asking questions so much, well the right kind of questions anyhow, is that posing clever Qs will point you to wise answers, towards insight.

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Your Energy, And Self-Care

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So, your main track this month focuses on cleansing your energy....TBH ALL of the tracks will do this really....but it's nice to have a bit of a specific focus on this- our human minds just tend to respond well to this kind of thing!

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Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So, the theme this month is a biggie!

And let me say, before I go ANY forgiving, this months' track and so on really has diddly squat to do with anyone else- it's all about YOU, and YOU feeling better.

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Self- Love

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

If you've worked with me or 'been with' me in some other way, shape or form for any length of time you'll know l'm ALL ABOUT the self- love!!  And the theme of membership this month is just this!

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You're Not Alone

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Today I want to chat about something I think is super duper, uber important for you to know, memorise and remember!

It seems it’s human nature to sink into a feeling of loneliness as and when things aren’t going well.  In those moments of despair, a heavy veil of ‘I’m the only one’ descends and further darkens said angst.

Whether you feel A OK as you read this, sunk in a pit of woe, or somewhere in between, I want you to listen up and listen up good, because I’ve got something soothing to impart…


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