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Relax, You're Safe

Membership Blog

Relax, You're Safe

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

OK-it’s March and the theme this month is all about pure relaxation! And how the heck did Pancake day come and go without me really clocking it hey?! 🤔😂 That’s an aside obviously!!

K, back to business…..So, you might have heard me mention that I went on a retreat recently in Amsterdam. Well, it wasn’t any ordinary retreat, and it was a beautiful experience. Long story short, some time ago I heard about a medicine (drug to us westerners!!) from the Amazon, called ayahuasca, and I was intrigued from the get -go. I felt the call to check it out. And one thing led to another, culminating in me spending the weekend in the home of the gorgeous Maria Johanna on my very own ayahuasca journey.

It’s too much to go into here, but I will share more in time. Suffice to say, this amazing medicine has awesome healing properties and benefits, and from my perspective, the power to help folks get some wonderful insights and clarity that ultimately help them heal and move on.

For me, my adventure mostly underlined and highlighted what I already knew, and one of the helpful insights I got during my journey was this delightful notion that I (and all of us!) are (no matter how it seems or feels) SAFE, and being tended to. And when we fully relax into this, the benevolent force underpinning all is then able to cherish us and bring all of our desires to us in right order and in divine timing,

A Course In Miracles describes it as ‘in my defencelessness my safety lies’, and it’s the very same, beautiful, soothing notion. What I know for sure is, when we try and ‘do it all’ we are saying with our actions and energy ‘I don’t believe life will take care of me’, and in this energy we cut ourselves off from the benevolence available.

When we relax fully, we allow. THIS is why it’s so powerful. In your relaxed, allowing, surrendered state you allow life to swoop in and tend to you. You’re not blocking. As you TRY, as you EFFORT, as you ANALYSE and TRY TO FIGURE OUT, as you RUSH and so on….YOU block that benevolent force.

THIS is such good news my friend…I’d love for you to take this idea of ‘relax, you’re safe’ with you this month and see just how much you can surrender and allow. What’s super powerful is to get into this state and then NOTICE what drops into your lap, what good fortune and happenstance is magically bestowed upon you (because it will be!) Making this correlation will really teach you that in your relaxed, easy state your power lies, the path to all your riches and dreams and desires.

Enjoy the track. I made it with love and the powerful intention that you benefit from it.

With so much love,

Zofie x