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Heal Your Inner Child

Membership Blog

Heal Your Inner Child

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Hey lovely one,

So, I’m not gonna BS you and pretend like I’m some kind of ‘inner child’ work expert (not even sure if they exist?? Answers on a postcard if you know 😂). BUT, what I do know, is any time I do any kind of ‘inner child’ work in meditation i can FEEL it, and it’s POWER-FUL. And I also know that shifts on a feeling level, changes in energy are WHERE-IT’S-AT.

And this is why I felt called to produce a track this month on this particular theme. The track takes you through a beautiful process to help you shower your inner child with love. I always listen to the tracks once I’ve created them and this might be the most powerful one so far from my perspective 🙌.

Of course, practically none of us had idyllic childhoods. Having said that even the crappiest (in fact especially the crappisest) actually were there to SET US UP FOR SUCCESS. But still, sending some healing and positive intent to the wounded part of you is a super duper transformative process.

I really hope you love this track. I’d love for you to use it then look out for positive changes as a result…likely things like feeling more ‘whole’, or confident, maybe settled, or just comfortable in your own skin.

I’ll be using this one a lot and hope you do too.

With so much love as always,

Zofie xo