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Self- Love

Membership Blog

Self- Love

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

If you've worked with me or 'been with' me in some other way, shape or form for any length of time, you'll know l'm ALL ABOUT the self- love!!  And the theme of membership this month is just this!

For me, self- love is the perfect foundation, and when you build from here everything else just falls into place.  While without it things just don't go so well.

Many focus their love outward, perhaps 'people pleasing' , finding it hard to say no, falling into the trap of 'I'll get to me when I've sorted all the others out' (there's just no such time, right??), they serve, do 'the right thing' and so on....all the while forgetting about themselves in the equation.

Here's the thing- self-love ultimately means you set yourself up to truly be there for others.  Think about it, who do you want to show up as in life- the very best, sparkly, loved up and loving version of you?  Or some pale, tired imitation, doing your best, but ultimately not in love with life or yourself?

Many think that self-care, self-love and all that, is selfish but truth is NOT 'indulging' in this way is way more selfish.  Because stress makes you selfish; anxious, sad folks are way more concerned with their 'stuff' (because they have the stuff and can't help it), a tired you is less patient, a distracted you can't be present...

It's only when you take the time to take care of you, to love you, to nurture you, that you then forget about you, and can fully show up for your loved ones.  Plus, you lead by example- what better than to be the person who gives others permission to chill out, love themselves and lean into more joy??

If you can handle hanging around in self-love for a while, you'll start to notice that life reflects back to you how you've been treating yourself.  People start treating you better, life gives you more, wanted things just land in your lap.  Truth is, this is the way it's supposed to be.  But it's gotta be from a place of self-love.

The track this month is titled Self- Love and has been designed to help you lean into more of said stuff.  To get the absolute most from it, listen regularly AND pledge to start with self-love more.  If you've got any Qs on this please drop me a line.  Oh, and you get a BONUS affirmations track this month- I've been really enjoying it!! You can listen any time and it's only short so a great re-set for during the day.  I really hope you love them.

With so much love, and until next time, 

Zofie x 

PS-Happy to write me a quick review?  If you do, I'll enter you into a draw and you could win SIX MONTHS membership for FREE.  Just email it to me to be in with a chance to win.