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Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So, the theme this month is a biggie!

And let me say, before I go ANY forgiving, this months' track and so on, really has diddly squat to do with anyone else- it's all about YOU, and YOU feeling better.  In my many years working with clients I've seen the main blocks to forgiveness come up again and again, and I want to share them with you to help you to get clear and enjoy the benefits that leaning into forgiveness will bring,

Firstly, it's really common to believe that to forgive is to condone, and let me be clear - the two are NOT the same! You can absolutely forgive someone and still not condone what they did, or their behaviour. Forgiveness is the choice to set yourself free, condoning is agreeing that what they did was OK.  It might be that someone was aggressive towards you repeatedly and you don't think they treated you well, so you hold on to it and keep a grudge.  You can still believe they acted in a way you find disagreeable but choose to allow the grudge to drop.

Secondly, forgiveness really ISN'T about the other person, or letting them off the hook.  Feeling vengeful towards another has been cleverly described as drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. So true!  As a rule, the other person will either be only very slightly effected by your grudge, or simply completely unaware.  When you think about it, this is insane!  

Thirdly, what someone else does to you is 'on them' so to speak and they'll have karma to concern themselves with!  But, you carrying on the initial hurt, now that's on you!  It's so often the case that the actual cause of offence is relatively small in terms of damage compared with the damage we do to ourselves re-living the incident in our own heads.  Again, when you stop and think about it, this is CRAY-ZEE.

You might be like me and find that what comes up for you during the track is a sense that you want to forgive yourself, which is of course a wonderful and powerful thing to do.  Being hard on your self or mean to yourself is one of the most damaging things you can do in terms of your own wellbeing so letting go of any of this will serve you big time!

Please, please as always remember kindness to self FIRST and FOREMOST. I really can't preach this enough.

And finally, I was at a workshop with the awesome Anita Moorjani recently during which she said that from her perspective, forgiveness will naturally flow as and when you sink into a space of self-love.  I would totally agree with this, so you might be wondering why I made this track!!! 😂  But, most of us aren't fully here, using the track from last month and doing the work of leaning more and more into self-love, along with a light focus on forgiveness will be like a double whammy dose of getting yourself happy and all full up on your own light!  It's a kind of belt and braces approach - sorta!!!

With so much love, 

Zofie x