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The Importance Of A Happiness Practice

Membership Blog

The Importance Of A Happiness Practice

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

OK- of course I'm biased....just gonna get that out from the start.  But, I want to chat to you about the importance of having a happiness practice.

For a bunch of reasons this is true...

Firstly, the benefits you receive from endeavours such as meditation, keeping a gratitude journal and such like are progressive, it takes time and consistency to reap the rewards.  So you can't expect to spend a week focused on relaxing, or being mindful of your thoughts and then get welcomed into the kingdom of eternal happiness, anymore that you can expect to get the body of an athlete after going for one run and spending a day eating healthily (sigh, if only 😂.).  Sorry, but it just don't work this way!!

Also, when you get stressed, when the s**t hits the fan, when life apparently deals you a low blow, these are the times when you both need to be doing 'the good stuff' AND you forget all about what that good stuff is! Darn it!  Which is why having a practice can super duper help you.  If it's habit, in your schedule and all that, to listen to one of your tracks every night at bedtime, and spend five minutes writing in your gratitude journal, you're way less likely to quit this when things go awry.  And as such you really help protect yourself during those rough and tumble moments in life which are inevitable.  So they pass quicker and do less damage!  Amen to that, yes?

So, your happiness practice will give back what you put in, it will lift you up when you most need it, it will pay dividends beyond what you invest.  Oh, and it feels good so what's the argument?!

Now, one final note on the and when you're in a funk, don't be surprised that your usual 'happiness habits' don't leave you feelin' it like they typically do.  If you go into meditation feeling a 2/10 on the happiness scale it might not bring you up to your usual eight-could be it only lifts you to a three.  BUT, three is progress from two, so don't be disheartened as and when this happens in life.  Keep on trucking, and know that the good stuff will always benefit, but it can only do so much.

And I want to leave you with something I heard recently from an American pastor I was listening on Youtube...he said 'God is good, ALLLLL the time.'  His point being- no matter how things seem, during rough and smooth times- God remains good.  Religious or not, don't matter- what's key to take from this is the helpful idea that NO MATTER HOW IT SEEMS- the Universe is benevolent, Life is on your side and things ARE working out for you.  When storm clouds darken the skies of your life, this truth can allude you - and this is when you need to remember it most...

So, at times like this, fall back on your practice, fall back on what you know is true and bolsters you- and know that in doing so you'll ride the storm with grace, rise victorious and live as you truly intend.

With so much love, 

Zofie x