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The Power Of The Re-Set

Membership Blog

The Power Of The Re-Set

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So, one of the things I chat about A LOT with my one to one clients is how ‘trying to figure shit out’ doesn’t actually help you figure said shit out…….

Huh, you might be thinking?! Well, while it might feel counter intuitive, it certainly isn’t counter productive to GET OFF TOPIC, and GO FEEL GOOD when you want As to your Qs on a subject…the way I describe it is it’s like you’re at the foot of a mountain googling what the view’s like from the top, discussing it. wondering, asking others…when really of course you just gotta walk up, go see for yourself! And what I mean by this is, the analysing, and trying to work it out is analogous to being at the foot googling about the view….you get to ‘see it’, you get the clarity you want, the light bulb moments when you go chill, have fun, take your mind off the issue….

And this, my friend, is the power of the re-set. Sleeping can do it, having a dance break (obvs I’m a big fan of THIS) can do it, laughter etc…can all do it. And it’s so powerful because when you re-set, you re-align. You re-align with your inner wisdom, what I like to think of as your soul. The space and place within that has all the answers, the solutions, the roadmap to your desired future….

So, using this month’s track as and when you’re off your path is a powerful practise.

Use it when you feel like you’ve ‘lost your pleasing personality’, when you’re stuck in ‘trying to figure shit out mode’, or you notice you’re just a little off. It will power you back up, get you re-set, re-align you with the power house that is YOUR inner guidance.

I really hope you love it,

Zofie x