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You've Done Nothing Wrong

Membership Blog

You've Done Nothing Wrong

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Ugh- don’t know about YOU, but for me guilt is one of the yuckiest, suckiest feelings…..for example, I’d find it much easier to deal with my soon to be ex-husband finding a new partner before me than vice versa, as I’d way prefer to feel a little ‘left out’, or some such, versus GUILT 😱.

The thing with guilt is, it’s super ‘off’ from what your soul is feeling, which is why it feels so darn bad! And also why this track has the potential to help you SO MUCH!

I can’t wait for you to listen…..because really and truly, guilt is always bogus, it’s negative, it’s unhelpful. And it’s time now my friend, it’s time for you to drop guilt, to go beyond, to rise up, and above.

It’s time to lean away from guilt, and towards feeling blessed.

THIS is as your soul intends, and as you deserve. Please know that what guilt says is BS and resolve now to use this track to heal you, to soothe you.

In the track one of the things I say is: ‘‘nothing has gone wrong, I’ve done nothing wrong” This is a powerful, soothing mantra I invite you to use as well as listening to the track. Can you feel how soothing it is?! Truly, any time you deem things ‘wrong’, you’ll feel bad, and when you imagine you’ve DONE something wrong, this ups the ante on how bad you feel, big-time.

So, use this mantra often, maybe stick it on a post it, as a reminder in your phone, or similar. And deffo pull it out the bag when you feel GUILT

I promise you your soul never judges you, the benevolent force underpinning all sees you as perfect, and unblemished. And unless and until you view yourself through these eyes you’ll fail to perceive yourself truly and fully.

It’s my hope that this track will help you do just that. Because you deserve joy. You were born for bliss. You are blessed and loved in ways words simply cannot describe, and I want you to begin to feel this. So often I feel just how lovely I am. Now that might sound big time big headed, especially for someone British 😂🙊 But Imma say it anyway because I want to help. My point is, each of us at our core are beautiful, and lovely, and loving, and sweet. And when you do the ‘work’ of going beyond guilt, you get to tap into this and shine your gorgeous true essence out into the world.

Like I say in the track:

✨ “ You are the light, you are the love, you are the guiltness, unblemished essence, you are grace itself. ” ✨

Lean into knowing this my friend.

With so much love,

Zofie x