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Be Easy About This

Membership Blog

Be Easy About This

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Hey there and welcome to the membership 'blog'!  Each month I'll hop on here to write a little note with tips to keep you on track....

And I wanted to start with a reminder to be easy about this membership!  We place SO much value on pressure and effort and hard work today.  But you know what?  Ease is so steeped in power and massively mis-understood.  Have you noticed how most people seem to be stressed out, over worked and lacking in the joy department?  So all that pressure and such like just ain't cutting the mustard when it comes to living happily....

It's not just what you do but how you do it that matters.  So please don't listen to these tracks in an effort to fix up your busted life, don't try really hard to get the absolute most out of them or even expect a life overhaul after day one!  But do, take your time with this, know that the changes will be gradual and progressive and will build over time, softly look out for an appreciate improvements and be kind to yourself and easy on yourself.

When you take your time, when you relax, when you're lighter and easier about things it sends a powerful message to your brain that all is well and this has wonderful consequences for you.

So my hope is that you can lean into ease as you lean into this process.

Please post any questions in the Facebook group as I'll be showing up here regularly to give support and guidance.

With so much love,

Zofie x