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You're Not Alone

Membership Blog

You're Not Alone

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Hey Friend,


Today I want to chat about something I think is super duper, uber important for you to know, memorise and remember!


It seems it’s human nature to sink into a feeling of loneliness as and when things aren’t going well.  In those moments of despair, a heavy veil of ‘I’m the only one’ descends and further darkens said angst.


Whether you feel A OK as you read this, sunk in a pit of woe, or somewhere in between, I want you to listen up and listen up good, because I’ve got something soothing to impart…


Whatever shit you’ve got going down, however bad things are, no matter how much you feel like the one crazy person in the room, group, or world even…YOU’RE NOT ALONE.  Whatever you’re going through, someone else will be right there with you.  Others will have struggled in the exact same way you are, and yet more will do so in days to come.


I think this is one of the benefits of the likes of AA groups, they let those folk who likely feel like the freaks of society on some level (as we ALL do at times) know that they really aren’t- because you just can’t argue this fact when you’re faced with a group of individuals all sharing similar angst.


I speak often about my own experience with anxiety, depression and so on because I know it will help others feel less alone, and see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


So, whether low self-esteem is your thang, anxiety, sleep issues, social anxiety, depression, you’re single and SO ready to mingle, no longer in love with your partner, desperate for a baby, whatever, as you suffer, remember others suffer with you.  And know too that your struggle will give you a healing touch.  As and when you come through your challenge, YOU will be the perfect person to help others- there’s nothing like someone saying ‘I understand’ and really meaning it, right?


I often think how lucky I am because I get to talk about ‘real shit’ with people in my work, so I know what’s REALLY going on in people’s heads- behind closed doors sort of thing…and you know what?  Real life just isn’t as it seems on Instagram or even in everyday conversation!  Do you know how many mums really fret about the school run for example, and get super anxious about it?  Or that we ALL talk to ourselves in a crazy mean way in our heads?  Yup- this is super normal (mean and unhelpful, but normal nonetheless!) Most of my single clients are desperate to find a partner, whereas most of the married ones wish they could be single again!  I hear about challenging work environments A LOT, and people feeling lonely and not having many friends…Yes, it’s all going on for so many.


SO, you got the message?  Whatever your angst, at whatever time, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.


With so much love,


Zofie x


PS- If you've got any Qs on this then get in touch; I'm here at your service.