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The Happiness Is INSIDE!

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I can’t get enough of this happiness stuff, really!
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The Happiness Is INSIDE!


Hey guys- here's today's happiness reminder 😍 in the form of a story.....I've been telling this tale for over ten years now (not non-stop of course 🤣) and I'm still not bored! It's SO simple and yet SO powerful. And again SUPER relevant for all us of in today's day and age of seeking happiness outside of us...Who else wants to quit the race to nowhere and banish destination addiction?!

So, here it is....would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it:

The Village:

" Once upon a time there was a village so remote that they very rarely saw any strangers. And one day, way before any of the villagers could remember, a stranger had come to the village….upon leaving he gave the villagers a gift to thank them for their hospitality in letting him stay. And he told them that as long as they kept this gift-picture-then everything would go well for them.

The villagers were trusting and they trusted that this was indeed true….many years later another visitor came to the village and he too was invited to stay. In fact he was invited to stay in the room where the precious painting was kept. But much to the villagers despair, when they awoke the in the morning they found that the stranger had left, and he’d taken the painting with him. When they discovered this they were desperately sad, they lost all hope for their future. They looked at the sky and it had turned dark, their trees no longer seemed to bloom, the birds weren't in flight….and it wasn’t until one of the young girls of the village took it upon herself to paint a new painting on the wall that the other villagers decided to join her, and before long they were so happy and engrossed in their endeavour, painting the most beautiful painting of birds, trees, blue sky and rainbows that they suddenly realised that their reality had once again begun to reflect their new painting….the sky was once again blue, beautiful birds were in flight, the sun was shining and the flowers were back in bloom……"

Tell me your lightbulb 💡 moments and l'll share mine I promise!

Wishing you well, 

Zofie x