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The Joy Is In The Journey!

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I can’t get enough of this happiness stuff, really!
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The Joy Is In The Journey!

Visuable Team

OK - I gotta tell you, the last of my #oldiesbutgoodies might just be my absolute favourite! This one is SO steeped in wisdom which I think is likely missed for so many of us....

So, I'll go out on a high for Mother's Day (in the UK anyway.)

Here it is: the joy is in the JOURNEY! Yeah, we've all heard it and said it but how much of it do you actually take in?! Think about it, what this pearl of wisdom is reminding us of is to quit the race to nowhere, that pesky old destination addiction! Those moments of getting where you want to be, achieving what you want, holding the prize in your hand, standing on the podium are FLEETING- oh so fleeting! BUT the journey, that's way a bigger part of your life and truly where the JOY's to be found.

But we're missing it, always focused on the next thing! And more fool us! I sense that the bubble is beginning to pop for so many of us and I'm here to help burst it! And to allow the joy that it's been smothering to erupt!!!

Maybe ask yourself this more often 'if the joy's in the journey, just what might it be and how can l experience it RIGHT NOW?!'

Happy Mother's Day one and all,

Zofie x