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Guided Relaxation/Meditation Downloads for adults and children, to help manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression. 


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Get in touch with YOUR inner Zen

In a funk and want some helping getting out?!  Looking for a leg up to guide you back to centre? (up and in!!)  Perhaps you're on the 'I'll be happy when...train' and want off, can't sleep, or simply 'get' the benefits of down time and want some for yourself?  Well, I've created these tracks for YOU!  I pour every bit of my expertise into each and every one and they're jam packed with positivity and soothing words, designed to get you in touch with your inner WOW factor, to help you to 'find your inner happy, and then.'  I KNOW that you have what you need within (yes, I mean you!) and these tracks will help you gain access to what's rightfully YOURS.

I have listened to Zofie’s sleep and positive influence downloads…but am so relaxed by them, that I have yet to hear the end (or the middle!) but always wake feeling great.
— Rachael

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The original, full length
Relax Me Happy Tracks

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Like the Original, only shorter (sometimes less is more!)

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You guessed it,
these are for children



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