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The Magnifying Mirror Effect!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

You might know that I've got two young children (my daughter's seven/seventeen 😘 and my son's five.) I've also worked with hundreds of parents and families across the years so have gained a lot of insight into parenting...

And one thing I know for sure is that children are like a kind of magnifying mirror for any kind of stress or tension you feel....


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What kind of adverts are YOU running?

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

When l work with children l will often ask them how they would feel about going to school if they were to think about all the things they don’t like about school and all of the things that might go wrong there. And l then ask them how they might feel about going to school if they were to focus upon the bits of it they like, the fact that they will see their friends and so on? 

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Why Goodbye Hurts and Hello Feels So Good, and What To Do About It!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

l’ll give you a clue to the answer here, and it’s one word: focus. Think about it, when you are saying ‘hello’ to something or someone wanted, it might be a new job, a holiday destination or someone you love, then as a rule you are focused in a positive way upon it or them and what you expect to enjoy.

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