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What kind of adverts are YOU running?

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What kind of adverts are YOU running?

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

When l work with children l'll often ask them how they would feel about going to school if they were to think about all the things they don’t like about school and all of the things that might go wrong there. And l then ask them how they might feel about going to school if they were to focus upon the bits of it they like, the fact that they'll see their friends and so on? And of course it's easy for them to appreciate that if they think about all of the sucky aspects of school they'll talk themselves out of wanting to go! Whereas if they think about the positive aspects they're doing the opposite :-)

And it struck me the other day that it’s a bit like running an advert in your mind…can you imagine an experience being advertised in the manner that many of us think of things so often? In other words, all of the worst possible things that might happen, all of the negative stuff and extremely unlikely negative scenarios (think the side effects list on any medication!)

Of course, adverts don’t work like this!! Because they want to get us to buy stuff! So next time you have something to do think about how you're advertising it to yourself! Because it matters. In fact, it really matters when it comes to you being happy.

Wishing you well,

Zofie x

PS- l just recorded two of the latest Relax Me Happy Tracks today, they're both short tracks designed to use in the morning or during the day. Email me or comment if you would like to be one of the first to hear about their release :-)