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As Within, So Without- The Inner Fix

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As Within, So Without- The Inner Fix

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

If you’ve been ‘with me’ for any length of time you’ll for sure have heard me talk about the concept of making ‘the inner fix’, how the only real change takes place on the inside, and so on. And this month’s theme is in keeping with this powerful truth…

I’ve created a gorgeous track that incorporates one of the transformative coaching questions I use in one to ones with clients. This is a simplified version of what I take clients through:

‘How would you feel, and what would you do if you knew everything was going to be OK?’

THIS is such a powerful question! Because your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner, whenever you shift internally, your external will morph to reflect this back to you.

What I’d love for you to do this month, is use the track regularly, then be on the lookout for the changes and improvements that happen in your life a s a result. No words that I, or anyone, else utter can teach you that this ‘stuff’ is true, only your own experience can do that. So take note! Notice that when you ‘get out of bed on the wrong foot’ things just don’t go well; how when you’re late, suddenly everyone is dragging their heels in front of you; and on the flip side, when you’re feeling great, things just go better.

It’s only when you make the correlation between how you feel and how things go that you start you get a sense of your own power, and also just how taken care of you are by life. And on the back of this, it becomes natural to begin to make shifts on the level where they’re really effective- on the inside, on the level of emotion. A Course In Miracles describes mind as cause and external as effect….which is a wonderful way of pointing to this…’s only when you begin to make changes on the level of cause that you really affect powerful change in your life.

I really hope you enjoy leaning into this concept, or, if you’re already familiar, using the track to further your experience of living this way. I also came up with a beautiful mantra I’d love for you to use alongside the meditation if it resonates:

‘My mind controls my body

My outer reflects my inner

I create my own reality’

And before I go, I just want to leave you with a quote from Einstein: ‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.’ Here he speaks to this topic….be on the lookout for ‘happenstance’, and ‘luck’, and ‘coincidences’ that occur on the back of YOU feeling better, they’re your proof of the benevolence of life, that you ARE being looked after, life IS on your side, and all inner change WILL be reflected back to you by the outer……

So….use the meditation (and mantra if you like), then be open to the changes you create externally, and notice these to prove to yourself THIS-STUFF-WORKS.

With so much love,

Zofie x