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Start Your Day Right

Membership Blog

Start Your Day Right

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

Hey my dear!

So, I’m really happy to share this months’ ‘meditation’ with you. I’ve been asked a bunch of times to create a track that you can use ‘on the go’, and this one fits the bill. One of the reasons I’m so happy to share it with you , is because one thing I know for sure, is the power of ‘prevention rather than cure’. In my time working one to one with clients, one of the things I get asked, like all the time is: ‘What do I do when X has happened?’ For example, when I’m stressed with a colleague at work, how do I deal?! Or, when my child is having a panic attack how do I approach it?!

And what I invariably explain is that my work is all about helping that person not get to that point in the first place. It’s about prevention rather than cure!! Because my friend, THIS is where your power is. If your happiness needs are met in life, you just won’t be having panic attacks. If you’re taking ample down time and not stressing yourself out with too much negativity, you will get to sleep at night, and so on. And asking ‘what should I do once the proverbial has hit the fan?!’ is a bit like stuffing your face all through winter and rarely moving off the sofa, then the first morning of warm weather taking a look at the body you’ve been creating in the colder months, panicking, and wondering what you can do to hide your sins in a jiffy!! Like ‘Karen from the gym’ says, summer abs are made in winter 😂.

So, use this track to help you get your happiness abs carved out of marble, at a time when your efforts pay dividends- that’s IN ADVANCE buddy!!

And I just want to add something here that will really power up your practise. It’s a process called ‘segment intending’ I learnt from one of my fave teachers of all time- Abraham Hicks. Put simply, what you do is, IN ADVANCE of heading into a new ‘segment’ in your day, you get your energy, your mindset, set! So, for example, you’re about to get into your car to drive to work, and you take just a moment to settle into the feeling you’d like to have on your commute, or you’re about to walk into work and you spend a beat leaning into the kind of energy you’d like to project in that environment.

Because everything external mirrors the internal, this is POWER-FUL.

And hey, I know all this can sound too simple to be effective. But all I can say is I refute that statement! It works! For sure, you just got to work it. And as and when you’ve had enough of fire fighting in life, and are all about the ‘there must be an easier way!!’ approach, this is it! Of course, words don't teach, only experience does. So, the only way to find out is try it out- teach yourself dear one.

Can’t wait for you to take greater control of your experience of life using this track and approach.

With so much love,

Zofie x