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The Lightness Of Dropping Judgement

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The Lightness Of Dropping Judgement

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

You’ve likely heard me bang on about something I’ve been studying this past year - a metaphysical text called A Course In Miracles (cool name, hey?!)

And if so, you might have heard me chat about how heavy and dry and bible-esque it is!! But, I think I can actually summarise all its extensiveness wordiness in a very succinct sentence:

Don’t be judging nothing!!

And yeah, really, from my perspective this is the point of it all. A simple but oh so powerful notion. Because truly, it’s never the thing that causes you the angst , or the person, or the situation, it’s your judgement of it.

Take a rainy day for example, the weather on such a day isn’t ‘bad’, it’s rainy! ‘Bad’ is a judgement, and when you describe it as such, and believe your own story you create a film of negativity across the lens through which you perceive the world, and judgement after judgement, thought upon thought you de-press yourself, you ,dull the shiny light of the world to yourself.

The less you judge, the better you feel. Period.

I was talking about this notion with a sweet little girl I’m working with recently, and it was wonderful to see how she realty GOT it! The more you can state facts, the less you judge, the clearer the lens through which you perceive your world will be. I like to think of it like polishing brass…if you’ve ever done this, you’ll know you can kind of go on for-ever with it….cleaning more and more grime, allowing it to gleam more and more.

And this is exactly what happens in your experience of life as you lean away from judgements. It’s a beautiful process.

Discern, but don’t judge. Say you don’t like, but don’t make it wrong. Ask for what you want, but don’t push against. Living free of judgement will set you free. But of course, as and when you DO judge (‘cos you’re so gonna) don’t judge yourself for it!! 😂.

This is often one of the first steps I get my clients to lean into. Say for example you’re eating ‘too much’ and feel bad about it- first thing is to lean away from the judgement of yourself. Or, you’re shouting at your kids and feel guilt, first step is to drop the guilt.

The judgement is what keeps you stuck, holds you down, hangs you up.

Quit this and everything else will begin to fall into place.

Super hope this helps.

With so much love,

Zofie x