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Going With The Flow....

Membership Blog

Going With The Flow....

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

One of my all time favourite quotes, that I've cited on many an occasion, is from Einstein, and it goes:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile  universe.”

And firstly let me say I SO agree with Albert on this, because (as I've been banging on about A LOT of late) our beliefs are paramount!  The reason being, all of your thoughts and actions will spring up from your beliefs, so they are the foundation from which your entire experience of life flows.

And, if you fundamentally believe that life is on your side, everything you think and do will be funded and affected by this, the net result of which is a much easier and lighter way of being.

Plus, the fact is, you're way more likely to go with the flow in life if you believe it is innately friendly and supportive in nature....which is the theme this month,

So many of us believe things along the lines of 'nothing worthwhile ever comes easy' or 'you don't get anywhere unless you get out of your comfort zone' and so on.  And while this kind of thinking does have some merit, ultimately the way us humans take this kind of stuff tends to be mostly unhelpful.

Truth is, your greatest power lies in ease, and chilling, and slowing down...NOT doing NO-THING, or giving up on life altogether, but taking the time to line up with your inner joy BEFORE you head out into the world, so that whatever you do is inspired, lighter and more joyful!

Us humans have these ideas that if things are easy there's some kind of catch, great things are 'too good to be true' and so on....but in truth this just isn't the case.

I heard Oprah tell a tale many years ago of a mother who had lain in bed with her dying son, holding him in her arms as he passed away, and the mother has described how his last words as he died were 'aaahhhhh, it's all so easy...' and this poignant tale really struck a chord with me.  I remember thinking as I heard it- that guy's perspective was valid- he realised as he slipped into a different state of being, that all the stress and difficulty we perceive in our lives is bogus and the TRUTH is it's all so easy.

Now, this isn't something to use to beat yourself up about i.e. 'what's wrong with me, life is supposed to be easy and I just make it SO complicated...' yada yada.  Instead, it IS a notion to be used in a helpful, soothing way...

My invitation for you this month is to think about leaning into more ease in your life, to ask openly of yourself where you might be able to go with the flow more and pose the question:

'If I believed that life was truly on my side, how would I feel and how would I behave differently?' and lean into this way of feeling and being.

Then, be on the lookout for things improving for you- because they will!

Having worked with hundreds of clients, spanning over a decade, I've seen time and again that when people chill and relax, more good stuff happens to them...and what I KNOW-FOR-SURE is this is no coincidence.  There's a benevolent flow in life and when you drop your metaphorical oars you begin to allow it.  You can't be held with you're tensing yourself, you can't be gifted when you're trying to give, you can't allow when you work and effort....when you relax and allow the flow to carry you, you open up to miracles and joy the likes of which you can't even begin to perceive from a place of tension.

I really hope you enjoy the track, and this beautiful notion.  

With so much love, 

Zofie x