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What Would Your Soul Say?!

Membership Blog

What Would Your Soul Say?!

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

You may or may not know that I LOVE me a question!  Ever since I was small I've kinda been obsessed with asking 'why?', and trying to figure stuff out...and this absolutely, positively carries across into my work.  And the reason I love asking questions so much, well the right kind of questions anyhow, is that posing clever Qs will point you to wise answers, towards insight.

And the theme of membership this month is: 'What your soul would say?'  I guess we may all have a slightly different take on what the word soul means, and even whether or not we believe in such a thing anyway.  But for our purposes let's imagine it's the all-loving, wise, infinite essence of who you are and TBH whether you believe in it or not really doesn't matter- because in any case this Q will guide you to wisdom!

A super helpful Q I ask A LOT, is:

'What would my soul think of this?'

And along with using this month's track, I'd love for you to pose this Q too!

Why?!  It ain't just cos' I'm bossy or anything (no matter what my mum says...) Oh no, it's because I know this Q has power lying in its midst- it has the power to signpost you to your wisest, most chill, most helpful take on whatever is infront of you.

You see...

one's soul is never in a rush, it doesn't believe in lack, it has no fear, it's only ever in a state of love, it for sure don't sweat the small stuff, it has a super broad perspective, and it rests steeped in a peace that simply cannot be perturbed by life! 

Wowsers- you see, leaning into this perspective more in your life will serve you so well.

And just asking the Q: 'What does my soul think about this?' will tune you in to your innate wisdom- the wisdom of your soul!  Live from here and you're really onto something my friend.

This simple Q is so powerful and will guide you back home to wellbeing and wisdom each and every time you make use of it.  In time, you can train yourself to be super aligned with this perspective, so much so that it becomes natural for you to see through this lens..and when this goes down for you, you've really achieved some kind of transformation in your life and everything will go better for you!  Promise.

I really hope you enjoy this perspective and the track this month- it's all about leaning into more wisdom, and love, and ease...for me the essence of your soul and its perspective on life.


With so much love- from my wise soul to yours!


Zofie x