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Your Energy, And Self-Care

Membership Blog

Your Energy, And Self-Care

Zofie Lloyd-Kucia

So, your main track this month focuses on cleansing your energy....TBH ALL of the tracks will do this really....but it's nice to have a bit of a specific focus on this- our human minds just tend to respond well to this kind of thing!

If you follow me on social or get my weekly Happiness Insider emails you might know I've been to FOUR workshops focused on self-development over the recent months, and you might also have heard me chat about what I dig most about going to events focused on self-help and spirituality like this...

The thing I MOST love about hanging out at these kind of workshops is what it does for my vibe!  I'm really aware of how spending a bunch of hours in a high vibe, positive space and often enjoying some kind of meditation will allow my vibe to rise.  It allows an improvement in my energy.

And this is super powerful because when you are 'high vibing' everything in your life will flow better, will go better.  You can think of your life as being one giant mirror, reflecting back to you how you feel on the inside.  A Course In Miracles refers to your mind as 'cause' and your life as 'effect'.  And I totally agree with this.

So, use the energy cleanse track to do exactly what it's s'posed to, and be on the look out for things going better on the back of you feeling better.  This is a super powerful practice!

And now I also want to chat a bit about your BONUS track this month!  I'm so excited to share this with you...  I just ran an 'If You Care, Self-Care' Workshop and I produced this mini-meditation to use during it.  I really wanted the ladies who came along to FEEL what it would be like to be in the presence of someone who was really loving, who was truly at peace with themselves and so aligned with their inner self that they loved without condition.  Because I wanted to inspire them to more self-care.

This track is short but super powerful because it will help to open you up and really feel what a gift you can give to this planet when you take the time to tend to yourself.  I really hope it will help you lean into more self-care, guilt free!  

You might still have one of those voices in your head telling you that self-care is selfish, and drawing you away from doing what it takes to keep your vibe high.  I hope this month's tracks can help you lean away from that and begin to show up in your life more and more as the being of love and light you are!

With so much love, 

Zofie x