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Coaching for Children





One of my favourite things to do is work with children.  At first I was a little stunned by the fact that they just ‘got’ what I was telling them.  They are so smart and intuitive, and because they haven’t been on the planet as long as us grown ups they haven’t travelled too far away from their inner guidance.  The solution focused approach I employ lends itself well to working with children because they don’t like dwelling on their problems (like I say, they’re smart!)  I’ll let you in on my secret formula for success with little people: I don’t treat them like they’re broken, I have fun with them, l praise them A LOT, I don’t worry about them, I’m flexible, and offer them an approach tailor made to them.  Children consistently amaze me with how well they do with so little intervention.


Session Fees:

l always meet a caregiver or parent first (it has to be a team effort with children.)  And then the child. Each Session costs £60 and this includes access to the catalogue of Relax Me Happy Downloads, as well as feedback and support in between sessions.


What People Are Saying: 

What a difference Zofie made to our little girl (6). She managed, in only a couple of sessions, to turn our anxious, troubled daughter into a happy, confident child again. Amazing. I would highly recommend Zofie to any parent who is worried about their child’s progression as she gets the child to focus on the positives in their lives. She has also recommended some interesting books and cd’s for us to use at home, to compliment the work done during sessions. So glad we found Zofie.
— Sara, mum of Megan